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The Carnival Life

May 17, 2010

Theme parks are often associated with children and adolescents rather than adults. This stereotype has always seemed to be a mystery to me until now. Now I realize that adults don’t need to ride a rollercoaster to experience the thrill of falling down fast and steep, or to encounter unexpected twists and turns, which makes their stomach turn inside out. They don’t need a rollercoaster to take them higher only to tumble them back down again. They just need to experience life.

If compared, life can be well compared to a carnival. You are surrounded by rollercoasters, strangers, and fattening foods. Some might leave with big prizes, but most just leave more dollars short than they started.

The rides are many! There are those that go so fast that you have no idea what happened, and all you know is that at the end of it, you are left with nothing but a spinning headache. And there are those rides that really turn the world upside down.

And then there is the “fun” house, which is full of mirrors which messes with your perception of your body image. They make you want to be more taller, more skinnier, and not so oddly shaped.

The games are all rigged and the people operating it seem like they are just a bunch of frauds.

And to top it all off, the necessities of life (Port-A-Potties), are all usually just full of shit!